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3 Common Federal Employee Retirement Myths
September 15, 2019

One of the perks of federal employee retirement is that you do indeed have a lot of resources at your disposal. This can lead to some misinterpretations of what those resources are actually for. “I have plenty of time to plan”. When you were first hired, you completed a stack…

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6 Ways to Waste Money in Retirement
September 9, 2019

We talk a lot about saving for retirement, but let’s shift gears and discuss what happens after you retire. How do you spend your money wisely? Budgeting is a complicated topic, and we can’t cover everything in one blog. But in general, we’ve found that many retirees make at least…

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Understanding the FERS Earnings Test
September 4, 2019

One benefit enjoyed by federal employees is the ability to retire and claim their annuity payments after reaching 30 years of service and their minimum retirement age (56 or 57 for most FERS current employees). For many individuals this could translate into an earlier retirement than most workers in the…

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5 Hidden Costs That Can Sneak Up on You!
August 26, 2019

Living within your budget is the tried-and-true method for preventing excess debt, beefing up your savings, and even helping you transition into retirement more smoothly. But in some cases, extra charges can surprise you. Learn the sneaky insider secrets to common industries, so you can be on guard for unnecessary…

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