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Evaluating Your Healthcare Options in Retirement
June 17, 2019

As financial planners, we spend a lot of time talking about the three tiers of your Federal Employee Retirement System. Social Security benefits, your annuity payments, and withdrawals from your Thrift Savings Plan will provide three streams of income in retirement. But considering the average couple will spend about $275,000…

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Estate Planning for Federal Employees
June 9, 2019

When you first became a federal employee, you filled out a number of forms related to your benefits. You might have established a contribution schedule for your Thrift Savings Plan, opted for Federal Employees Group Life Insurance, and made other decisions related to your benefits. Another big decision revolved around…

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Six Common Mistakes to Avoid in Retirement
June 3, 2019

When we talk to clients about retirement planning, we find that they tend to focus on savings. Naturally, everyone is going to do that, and for good reason. They need to feel assured that withdrawals from their Thrift Savings Plans, along with annuity payments and Social Security benefits, will adequately…

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Income Taxes in Retirement: Part Two
May 27, 2019

Last week, we talked about income taxes in retirement. Unfortunately, some things never change! So you most likely still pay some taxes after you retire, although your tax bracket and/or the amount you pay might change somewhat. We already focused on how your pension is likely to be taxed, so…

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