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Assess Your Retirement Readiness: 5 Questions to Ask Yourself
February 15, 2016

It’s one thing to understand the facts about your retirement benefits system; it’s quite another thing to understand whether you’re really ready to retire! There are many different ways to answer this question, but taking the following fives steps will give you a better overview of where you stand. Take…

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5 Signs of a Tax Scam
January 25, 2016

The holidays are over, and now it’s everyone’s favorite time of year: Tax season! Okay, so maybe it isn’t your favorite time of year, but you can bet criminals enjoy it. Every year, con artists scam tax payers out of millions of dollars by launching phony tax schemes. Watch out…

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9 Ways to Earn More Social Security Benefits
January 17, 2016

For most retirees, Social Security makes up a meaningful portion of their income. If you’re nervous about the prospect of living on a fixed income for the rest of your life, take these steps to ensure that your reap as much from Social Security as possible. Check your work credits….

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The Most Common Risks to Retirement
January 11, 2016

You can’t wait to retire one day, but the decision can also be a nerve-wracking one. Will you be able to live on a fixed income for the rest of your life? What if you haven’t planned for an adequate stream of income in retirement? These questions might keep you…

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An Important Reminder About Social Security
January 4, 2016

Whether you’re still planning for retirement, or you’ve already reached that milestone, your Social Security benefits are likely to comprise an important part of your income plan. However, it’s important to remember that Social Security was never meant to fund your entire retirement – and the announcement about this year’s…

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Take This Important Tax Planning Step Now
December 14, 2015

In the midst of the holiday season, the last thing you want to think about is your income taxes. But since this is the season of giving, and charitable donations can add up to a valuable deduction on your federal income tax return, it makes sense to plan carefully now….

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Why Do I Need a Fed-Focused Financial Advisor?
December 7, 2015

As you plan for retirement, you will be approached by financial advisors who want to help you manage your money. Any experienced and skilled financial advisor understands financial markets, has plenty of general knowledge about retirement, and probably boasts a long list of happy and successful clients. Most people can…

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How to Maximize Social Security Spousal Benefits
November 19, 2015

As you plan for your retirement, you will likely be faced with many decisions about Social Security. Many retirees focus on when to claim their benefits, but another question they should be asking is, “How should I claim my benefits?”. For married people, how they choose to claim benefits is…

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File-and-Suspend Comes to an End Soon
November 16, 2015

Social Security will comprise an important part of your retirement planning. Whether your benefits will make up a significant portion, or just a fraction of your monthly income, you have the right to various strategies which can maximize those benefits. You may already know that waiting beyond full retirement age…

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Popular Social Security Myths – Dispelled!
November 8, 2015

Nothing about retirement planning is easy or uncomplicated, but Social Security really takes the cake. As you would expect from any large government-run program, the system is fraught with complicated rules and procedures. This tangled web of rules, along with a degree of media hype, often spins myths and misconceptions….

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